How Many Calories Does a coffee cake Have?

Coffee cake is a truly delicious dessert. Coffee cakes are normally consumed with the tea, but are also served at the weddings and birthday parties as a dessert. Coffee cake is one of the favorite, yummy desserts of every person. Coffee cake is fully packed with the nutrition’s and calories. The most important fact is that this cake is made with Coffee which is available all-around the season. If you want to lose weight, eliminate the Coffee cakes from your diet and you will be surely thinner in no time. Want to know how many calories in coffee cake? Let’s start with some calorie details to clarify you about the calories in coffee cake.

Caloric Content of coffee cake;

Just like other cakes, the caloric value of coffee cake also depends on its size. Below is a rough estimate of its caloric content according to its size:

  • In 1 piece of Coffee Cake or equal to 1/12 of 9″ square, it has 189 calories.
  • In 8″ diameter Coffee cake, 1177 calories are included.
  • In 8″ square Coffee cake, 1628 calories are included.
  • In 9″ square Coffee cake, 2249 calories are included.

The calorie content of coffee cake contains 88 calories from the carbohydrates, 39 calories from the fats and 10 calories from the protein. The content of carbohydrate in a coffee cake is 21.94 g, which is equal to the 7 % of the daily carbohydrate value. The protein content in a coffee cake is 2.54 g, which is equal to the 10 % of the daily protein value.

Coffee cake may be high in calorie as compared to other desserts and people believe that it should be avoided when you are trying to lose weight. Apart from the calorie, this cake is also packed with the health benefits, 189 calories from 1 piece of Coffee Cake will be better than a scoop of ice cream.

Health benefits of Coffee cake include less kidney cancer risks, better bones, improved elimination and fewer risks of stroke. Aside from fully packed with the calories, a delicious Coffee cake can benefit a person’s in terms of nutrition’s.

Counting your caloric intake is very important if you really want to lose weight and you can do it very easily. Before counting the caloric intake, first understand what calories are all about and why it is important vital. A calorie is the amount of energy that is normally included in the food or beverage.

Moreover, calories in Coffee cake also rely on its size. The bigger size will be, the higher is its caloric content. There are also different types of Coffee cake and they differ in terms of calories. However, it is usually 500 calories or below. If you are looking for a dessert that will top up you from a stressful day, eating Coffee cake can help you. It soothes your sugar level and keep you fuller than other desserts.

To conclude, if you still conscious about the calories in Coffee cake, you may opt for simple cake or any other fruit.